Gather Your Life Planner

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The Gather Your Life Planner will guide you through creating your own planner processes and more! STOP letting life overwhelm you and START each day, week, and month with a clear plan. I designed my new GYL Planner with detailed sections to track every aspect of your life: recurring tasks and events, personal goals, new ideas, income, bills, projects, meals — even your favorite songs. It’s all about putting a schedule and systems in place that work for you and help you manage adulting with calm and joy.

The Gather Your Life Planner is a 7.5" x 9" disc bound planner that includes 250+ Pages Total:

  • Guide to creating a block schedule
  • Guide on how to plan Monthly & Weekly
  • Undated 12 Monthly Layouts
  • Weekly Layouts
  • Weekly & Monthly Brain Dump Pages to Prep for the week

Home Section with:
  • Meal Planner
  • Home Cleaning Checklist

Personal Section with:

  • Habit Tracker
  • Playlist to jot down songs you love
  • Gratitude Journal & more!

Get special access to the Gather Gang Hub with your purchase! The hub has walk-through videos on how to use your planner plus has a place to ask questions!